Welcome to Weddings By Emily Charlotte…

By searching for a wedding planner to help organise your wedding in Italy you have probably just made the best decision you’ll make on your journey to the aisle!

Undoubtedly, you would have attended numerous weddings over the years but only really noticed the finished article; a perfectly polished and seamlessly executed event, right?

Now that it’s your turn, all the behind-the-scenes action is becoming apparent…endless research, enquiries, planning, scheduling & design! Even in your sleep it’s easy to become absorbed in the pretty, floral bubble of weddings. And that’s before you even consider the fact that you want to get married abroad!

At Weddings By Emily Charlotte we know what it takes to create a flawless day; whether you envisage a grand and elegant affair, or a relaxed and rustic experience, pulling off the most important party you will ever host demands a great deal of preparation, planning and, of course, a reliable network of contacts –  which is where we come in.

Now that you’ve made it this far, have a peruse and drop me a note if there’s anything I can do to help put that busy bride-to-be mind at ease.