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Fashion Week Trends

If you follow me on Instagram (@weddingsbyemilycharlotte), Twitter (@weddingsbyec) and Facebook (Weddings By Emily Charlotte) - excuse the plugs - then you'll know that I spent last weekend at London Bridal Fashion Week and White Gallery London.

There were 4 key trends that stood out to me that I had to share with you on this week's blog…

1) Bridal Two Pieces

The big trend I'm crushing on at the moment is the introduction of the bridal two piece (I say introduction…it's actually more of a comeback), several designers were noticeably incorporating this less traditional look into their collections; some slightly more conservative than others.

I particularly loved this outfit from Jesus Peiro; a gorgeous skirt, cute cami and lace top (okay technically that's a 3 piece - but it's just as beautiful with only the cami!)

Now don't get me wrong, it's not for every bride, but on the right girl I love the skirt/top as an alternative.

2) Colour

You may think your options range somewhere between white and cream when it comes to choosing your wedding dress…Fashion Week says otherwise.

A coloured gown is nothing new when it comes to celebrities; back in the day Gwen Stefani had a pink dress, as did Reese Witherspoon and more recently Angelina Jolie was slightly more subtle  by adding her children's coloured drawings to her veil…how ever brave you want to be there's an option out there for you.

This weekend I saw all colours, including black! Although one of my favourites is this beautifully feminine floral dress. Sassi Holford also does a B-E-A-U-tiful pink floral number with matching veil.

If you don't want to stray quite so far from tradition than there are now plenty of veils out there with coloured lace appliqués, which is a lovely way to add a touch of colour to your bridal outfit.

3) Short and Sweet

There were a variety of short dresses on offer at both Fashion Week and White Gallery but my favourite has to be this one from Charlie Brear (also available in full length), its short and sweet but also super stylish. An added bonus…you could also dress it down and wear it again after your wedding day.

4) Sheer

Sheer fabrics had to be the most noticeable trend of last week. I recently did a blog on backs which incorporated the sheer look (scroll down if you fancy a read) but this time I'm talking sheer everything…sleeves, backs and front panels…how much you like this look will depend on how risqué you're feeling as there's no doubt about it you will have more skin on show. Augusta Jones  is very good at demonstrating how you can do both sheer and elegant.