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Destination Italy

So you know you want a destination wedding, but the decision of where to have it isn't quite as easy (you do have the whole world to choose from after all). I've drawn up a list of reasons as to why Italy is the perfect location for your wedding abroad.

1) The Location

If, like me, you're based in the UK then Italy is in a great geographic location. In under 2 and a half hours you can make the journey from London to most Italian cities. This is a fab selling point for a destination wedding as you can benefit from all the plus points of a wedding abroad but it's near enough for your guests to make the trip.

2) The Legals

As destination wedding planning goes, it's relatively straight forward to get married in Italy. Of course this varies from nationality to nationality, but if you're a British Citizen marrying another British Citizen then you can have a legal ceremony in Italy; either civil or religious (predominantly Catholic) and in some venues it's even possible to have a legal ceremony outside.

If you'd rather not worry about all the paperwork, you can of course have a symbolic ceremony instead (and make it legal when you get back home). The important thing is that you have the choice, which isn't the case with all countries.

3) The Locals

If you've ever been to Italy, or even been to a family owned, authentic Italian restaurant in the UK then you'll know how lovely the Italian people are. They're warm, friendly and extremely family orientated which is perfect if you intend on having children at your wedding.

4) The Scenery

Italy has breathtaking scenery; there are picture perfect backdrops everywhere you go which, of course, makes the ideal setting for your wedding photographs. For a photographer there are endless opportunities for creating that WOW factor image as well as capturing the natural authentic charm. All the images used in this post were taken on my phone on my last trip to Italy to show how stunning the country is, even without any form of editing or professional camera.

5) The Romance

Italy is known for being one of the most romantic countries in the world so where better to make the ultimate declaration of your love for one another? Follow in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake, and more recently, George Clooney, who both chose to have a romantic Italian wedding.

6) The Food

If there's one thing that Italians are passionate about then it's their food. Food is one of the things your guests will remember most about your wedding so it's important that you get it right. You can choose from hearty, authentic Italian meals, sophisticated aperitif's or a wedding buffet (Italian buffets are no ordinary buffet!), however all are likely to be made with locally sourced ingredients.

7) The Variety

There is so much variety in Italy that you will be able to find the location you've been dreaming of, no matter what your vision: beaches, historic cities, sprawling countryside villas, vineyards, castles and won't be short of choice.

8) The Style

If you want a chic and stylish wedding then Italy should be at the top of your list of countries to consider; Italian woman in particular are known for their effortless style and it is, after all, home to Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. Italy is therefore a fabulous location if you're dreaming of an elegant and utterly sophisticated wedding.

9) The Traditions

Italians are often very traditional by nature so why not adopt some of their traditions for your wedding day? For example, Sunday is considered the luckiest day to get married, the bride will often walk from her ceremony to reception to show off her dress, if a couple have a wedding cake it is typically mille-foglia (thin layers of filo pastry, strawberries and cream) and a mandolin playing in the background is a lovely alternative. Do some research and see which traditions you would like to incorporate to make give your wedding a difference.

10) The Experience

A destination wedding is a wonderful experience for you as a couple and also for your guests. You could consider arranging a cocktail evening on the day that your friends and family arrive, and a celebratory lunch for the day after your wedding. Getting married abroad doesn't just have to be about the one day; you can create lifetime memories with your loved ones across several days.