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Why You Need A Wedding Planner

There is a common misconception that wedding planners are for the rich and famous only...not true! There are plenty of reasons why you too could use the help of a wedding planner:

1) Time

Photography by Rosie Photography

Photography by Rosie Photography

I guarantee if you asked any bride to be whether she leads a busy life the answer would be yes and I suspect that you're no different, right? Whether you work long (and sometimes unsociable) hours or have a number of parenting duties taking up your time, it can be hard to fit in planning your wedding on top of everything else - no matter how excited you are!

Hiring a wedding planner means you eliminate any unnecessary hours of internet trawling (of course there's always time for Pinterest and Blogs), you won't spend time calling/emailing/meeting suppliers who aren't quite right and you don't need to spend your weekends viewing venues that can't meet all of your requirements - your wedding planner takes care of everything for you by narrowing down your choices to a small selection well suited to your preferences. 

2) Budget

Whether your maximum wedding spend is £25,000 or £250,000 it's likely that you do have a maximum budget (unless you're one of the lucky few); as your wedding planner it's my job to keep track of this budget. Getting married is a very exciting time and you wouldn't be the first bride/groom to be to get a little carried away - you can always save on something else right? Unfortunately it's not that easy to counteract each splurge with a save elsewhere, and if you're not careful your budget can start to creep up. A wedding planner will carefully track your budget and will only suggest suppliers and services within that budget, which is one less thing for you to worry about.

Photography by Rosie Photography

Photography by Rosie Photography

3) Recommendations

Photography by Rosie Photography

Photography by Rosie Photography

Your wedding day is up there with the most important days of your life so deciding on which suppliers to trust with it can be a hard decision. Wedding planners spend a long time building relationships with venues, photographers, florists, cake makers, hair stylists, dress stockists, caterers, transport suppliers, musicians and equipment vendors so that we can offer you a choice of recommended, reliable partners to help give you the perfect day. Of course that's only if you're stuck; if you have your heart set on a particular supplier already then your planner will work with that person too.

4) Styling

I'm sure you have several ideas when it comes to how you want your wedding styled - perhaps you have a colour scheme in mind? Or would like your wedding day to follow a particular theme? Whatever your vision it's a wedding planners job to build on that; through creating moodboards and listening to your preferences as well as using experience of what works and what, quite frankly doesn't, to help create the day you envisage. The decisions will always remain with you and your fiancée but your planner might suggest a few little personal touches that you hadn't considered.

5) Enjoyment

This should be one of the most exciting times in your life - you're getting married! It's important that you enjoy the planning process as much as the day itself so you have many fond memories to look back on whenever you think of your wedding.

A wedding planner isn't there to take that away from you; instead we aim to reduce the stress associated with wedding planning which means you can dedicate your spare time to the fun parts; finding your dream dress, designing your wedding invites, choosing your flowers, food tasting sessions....

If you're now convinced that you need a wedding planner then send me an email at - I'd love to hear about your plans!