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A Fabulously Floral Wedding

There are usually a few things that stand out at a wedding, and each aspect will vary in importance from couple to couple, for me one of the most important elements is the flowers.

Here are my 10 favourite ways to incorporate florals into your wedding day (it was a challenge to pick just 10!)...

1) A Flower Wall

Photography by Rosie Photography

Photography by Rosie Photography

A flower wall provides the perfect back drop for saying your vows and really sets the scene for your guests by framing the ceremony.

Once your ceremony is complete then your friends and family can take to the floor for some stunning photographs.

The ultimate flower wall has to be that of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at their gorgeous ceremony in Florence....I'm still swooning over this one! 

2) The Wedding Cake

There are so many clever wedding cake designers out there that are making the most amazing icing flowers to the point that it can be hard to tell the difference between sugar and reality! However, if you would to add some wow-factor to your wedding cake then ask your florist/cake designer to incorporate a layer or two of real flowers.

3) Floral Curtain Ties

Flower ties are definitely a conversation point for your guests; they're so simple and effortlessly beautiful that they make a fabulous addition to any wedding. The most obvious place to incorporate these is at your reception venue, but get creative and see what else you can come up with.

4) Your Hair

Flowers to match your bouquet can be added to your hair style; this works particularly well for a soft and natural updo but can easily be incorporated into other styles too; if this is something that you'd like then have a chat with your hair stylist at your trial to see what suggestions they have to suit you.

If you're a little less traditional then make a statement with a floral crown (go brave!)

Photography by Scott-Wood Photography

Photography by Scott-Wood Photography

5) Your Bouquet

Perhaps the most obvious suggestion is the brides bouquet.

From simple and understated to bold and extravagant there are endless options for your bouquet. I recommend following the theme of your wedding but personally I love bouquets that are a little more unusual in their styling.

Another recommendation is to make yours stand out from the crowd; provide your bridesmaids with an equally beautiful yet slightly different arrangement.

6) Hanging Flowers

Hanging flowers are really very eye-catching and draw attention to otherwise neglected areas. There are several options with regards to where to put hanging displays; such as above your table or from trees during at an outside drinks reception.

The best thing about hanging flowers is you can have your florist create a very opulent and striking arrangement or you can create an equally effective look with a little bit of DIY (best start collecting those jam jars!)

7) A Flower Girl

If you happen to know a very cute little person that would love to be a part of your special day then a flower girl can help to provide some very pretty decoration.

Ask your flower girl to scatter some petals down the aisle before you make your entrance - just don't panic if things don't go quite according to plan (they do say never work work children!)

8) A Flower Arch

Flower arches come in many forms and provide the perfect opportunity for you to make your entrance. 

Again, once your ceremony is out of the way, expect your guests to make the most of this ready made photo frame.

Photography by Cecelina Photography

Photography by Cecelina Photography

9) Lining The Aisle

The perfect way to decorate your aisle is to add a few simple florals to line your path. These can be combined with a lantern or candles but can be just as gorgeous when on their own.

10) Your Drinks

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that I LOVE a signature cocktail. Surprise your guests with a beautiful, elegant cocktail that makes a statement.

A cocktail hour in a gorgeous garden setting is the perfect time to serve to your loved ones...I can hear the 'oooohs' and 'ahhhs' from here.

(Just make sure you check the flowers you choose aren't going to do any harm!)