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What's Your Centrepiece Style?

One of the (many) big wedding planning decisions is which type of centrepiece to opt for; I LOVE several different styles meaning there is not just one design to suit you. I've put together a few of my favourites to help you choose...

1) Tall and Opulent

If you want your wedding to make a statement then a tall, grand centrepiece is a good choice. As the name suggests they really are the centre, focal point of the table so little other decoration is required when you opt for this style.

Photography by Rosie Photography

Photography by Rosie Photography

One thing to watch out for is the height of your centrepiece; you don't want the decor to block conversation, particularly on round tables, so make sure you're conscious of eye lines when designing these - most florists should bear this in mind anyway but it's worth pointing out!

2) Big and Bushy 

Perhaps my favourite centrepiece styles is a low, full, arrangement spilling with gorgeous florals/twigs/fruits! These are fabulous when spread down a long table and are equally striking whether they're bright and colourful or all white.

3) Hanging From The Ceiling

An unusual alternative to a table decoration is to have your centrepiece hanging from the ceiling. This will have significant impact when your guests walk into the room and is particularly effective if you're a little tight on table space.

You can choose to combine your overhead arrangement with smaller, floral table decorations (as in the image) or keep things simple with the hanging centrepiece alone.

Either way, this style is guaranteed to be a conversation point for your guests.

Photography by Cecelina Photography

Photography by Cecelina Photography

4) Minimalist

Sometimes, simple is best. A minimal centrepiece is often the most cost effective option yet still looks stunning.

5) Squared

If you're uniformed and ordered then a square centrepiece could be for you. These are neat, tidy and don't take up too much space on the table.

I recommend combining with a candle (as in the image) or opt for an all floral arrangement. Alternatively, you could have your table numbers coming from the centre of this type of display.

6) Bright and Bold

Surprise your guests with vibrant centrepieces. A bold, beautiful arrangement will add a gorgeous pop of colour to your photographs. If you're worried that this isn't in keeping with the rest of your wedding then stick to the same flowers that are featured throughout the day; just choose an alternative colour (if possible) for the reception venue.

centrepiece ideas


7) Table Runner

For a sociable feel ask your florist to create a table runner style centrepiece; one arrangement along a large table helps gives guests a 'together' feeling more than distinct, separate centrepieces. Alternatively, keep the table runner for your top table and have smaller arrangements for the centre of any round tables.

8) Themed

If your wedding is themed then follow this theme with your centrepieces too; this will result in something a little more unusual and personal to your wedding. On the downside, a more unique centrepiece could be slightly more costly if more complex to create.

9) Table Numbers

Your tables need numbering, and you need a centrepiece, so why not combine the two?

10) Individual

If you don't like the idea of one centrepiece per table then another option is to give your guests something each on their table setting; unless you have a particularly large budget this works best with a small number of guests, but it's a nice touch if possible.