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Say A Few Words

Guest books have long since been a wedding tradition and understandably so, they're an opportunity to capture comments that will make you laugh, smile and even cry (for all the right reasons of course!) for years to come. The best way to ensure your guest book reaches as many people as possible is to make it a feature of your wedding, here's a few ideas on how to do just that...

1. Traditional

If you envisage a classic and elegant wedding day then a traditional guest book may be for you. To make sure this doesn't go unnoticed by your guests I recommend that you decorate a table; a simple and effective way to do this is with candles and flowers, and don't forget too have a clear sign requesting your loved ones sign your book. It's a good idea to have the guest book placed in a prominent location, such as at the entrance to your reception or near the bar.

2. From Me To You

Ask your guests to give you a little message in a bottle; it could be anything they would like to write...congratulations for the day, date ideas, marriage advice!

You'll end up with a whole variety of suggestions which will no doubt make you laugh and may even form a couples bucket list.

Photo by Mario Feliciello

Photo by Mario Feliciello

3. A Wedding Wish Tree

A wish tree has potential to be a memorable talking point at your wedding; if you have the space in your reception venue then create a large wish tree in either the centre or at the end of the room.

Hang a combination of flowers and ready made tags for your guests to write a few words which you can put in a keepsake box afterwards...just make sure everyone can reach the tree of course!

If you don't want to make quite such a statement then smaller, table size wish trees can be very cute too.

4. The World Is Your Oyster

Perhaps you and your fiancée are known for your love of travel? Met whilst on holiday? Or are getting married abroad? If any of these apply then get creative with the globe or travel theme! Ask your family and friends to recommend a location - be specific and request they tell you something special, such as a lovely restaurant to go to, a hotel to stay at or maybe a memory they have from that location. Before you know if you'll have a whole host of places on your 'to visit' list.

Photo by Cecelina Photography

Photo by Cecelina Photography

5. Say Cheese

Write your guests names on tags and ask them to replace it with a polaroid picture and a littlemessage it's simple and effective but the best bit is that you get to look back over the years and see how your guests have changed!

Photo by Rosie Photography

Photo by Rosie Photography