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A Leap Year Proposal

Monday marks the 29th February; that's right, a leap year is upon us aka the time that us ladies can get away with proposing to our men should we so wish, and here's 5 reasons why it's not such a bad idea after all...

1) You Can Choose Your Ring

For some girls the thought of their other half picking their engagement ring fills them with dread (you do have to wear it every day for the rest of your life after all!) Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones whose partner has great taste, but if your man doesn't know his emerald from his princess cut then this panic is easily avoided by popping the question yourself.

Surprise him with a proposal (I recommend a watch for him instead of an engagement ring) and enjoy the ring shopping for you that comes afterwards!

2) No More Waiting

Are you sick of your friends and family asking the question of when you're getting engaged? (As if you haven't wondered it enough yourself eh?!)

If you've been hopeful for the last 3 birthdays, 4 Christmas's and 2 anniversaries that you've had together then put an end to the waiting game and do it yourself!

Perhaps he's been dying to ask you but can't quite pluck up the courage just yet.

3) Not Everyone Likes Surprises

If you're one of the few that hate surprises then save yourself the of the worry and turn it around. Put the surprise onto your other half and ask him the question more living in fear each time you're in a romantic situation together!

Now to get creative with how to ask....

4) You're Breaking Tradition

We all know it's more traditional for the groom-to-be to propose to his bride-to-be....but says who?!

You'll be breaking wedding conventions right from the start which sets the tone perfectly for a quirky and unconventional wedding day which is completely unique to the two of you. How exciting!

5) He Owes You....Big Time

By proposing to him you've taken away some serious pressure from him...which means he owes you a little favour. Use this as you wish ladies!