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The Blog Is Back!


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After a (slightly longer than intended) break the blog is back! I'll be honest, I never actually meant to have a break from blogging, let alone such a significant one. In a nutshell Weddings by Emily Charlotte got busier...more weddings needed planning, more venues needed researching, more clients needed meeting, and whilst I certainly can't complain, before I knew it 18 months has passed without a single post! 

Despite the silence, we've had a fab 18 months here at Weddings by EC, not just because there were some wonderful 2017 couples and weddings, but also because I've taken a good look at the business, done some rebranding and officially launched my UK wedding services, so 2018 is already shaping up to be a great year! 


Of course our primary focus of planning, planning and more planning continues, with 2018 and 2019 weddings in both the UK and in Italy. Plus it won't be long before we're opening our books for 2020! So if you're just getting started with your planning and want to hire some help then do get in touch on and we can chat!

In regards to the blog, I'll be posting regular features with wedding planning, advice, tips and considerations, as well as  specific venue focused posts - why I love the venue, and what sort of wedding it suits, but most importantly I want to hear from YOU.

What wedding planning questions do you have? What are you wedding dilemmas are you struggling with? Instead of asking our good friend Google, get in touch on with your ideas or concerns and I'll put together my thoughts for you and your fellow brides-to-be!