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Why Do I Need An On-The-Day Wedding Coordinator?

A dilemma faced by many brides is 'Do I need an on-the-day wedding coordinator?' After all the planning is complete, is that extra expenditure really a necessity?

Here are 5 reasons why I believe the answer to that question is always YES!...

1) The Final Countdown

If a planner is going to coordinate your wedding then they will need to become engaged a few weeks before the big day, usually 4-6 weeks prior in order to become familiar with your plans for the day.

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Each coordinator will offer their services slightly differently, however my Event Coordination service always includes supplier introductions and scheduling - who is arriving and when?, as well as a tailored schedule for the events themselves - what is happening and when?

This means, you don't need to worry. You can enjoy the final countdown to your wedding without the stress of the last minute coming together!

2) Set Up and Decoration

Most couples have personal decoration and little touches to make the day their own. Whether it's bespoke favours, photo booth corners, touch up sets for the girls or a children's entertainment room, there could be a number of things that need putting out, styling or securing on the wedding day. Who is going to do this for you?!

You and your bridesmaids/mum should be busy getting ready, not worrying about details like where the huge Instagram frame will be hung. 

Depending on your venue, you may have an in-house coordinator who is willing to do this for you, but always check with them beforehand as it's not a given that this will be within their role for the day.

If your venue doesn't have a coordinator, as is often the case with marquee weddings for example, then you're really very likely to need some help here.

3) Work With The Venue Coordinator

On the note of venue coordinators, their role and duties for the day will vary greatly from venue to venue.

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Most venue coordinators are primarily going to be concerned with all of the aspects that you have agreed directly with the venue (perhaps catering, use of spaces etc) and not necessarily everything else (decorations, supplier scheduling and arrivals etc). 

An overall wedding coordinator who is familiar with all of your wedding plans is the ideal person to work closely with the venue coordinator, who in turn is familiar with all things related to the venue. Together you've got the dream team and can rest assured that your day is well looked after.

4) Hiccup Handling

Weddings don't always go exactly to plan;  even after the best pre-planning. Having a coordinator on hand means these hiccups can be mitigated should they arise, hopefully before you'd even been aware of the (potential) issue. 

5) Relax and Enjoy

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The most important thing is that you can relax, like properly relax, and just enjoy your wedding day. 

Every past bride will tell you the day goes by so quickly. After months of planning and a lot of money spent you day will be come and gone before you know it, so it's so important that you sit back, take it in and enjoy the time with your loved ones - especially your new husband or wife! 

Having a coordinator means they will be the go-to person throughout the day, whether it's the venue coordinator, suppliers or guests who have questions your coordinator will be on hand to help, meaning you won't be constantly bothered throughout your wedding day.

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