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From Wedding Planner...To Bride-To-Be

Hello 2019!

Can you believe it’s here already?! I certainly can’t.

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December was a complete and utter whirlwind of a month; I had a super busy work calendar which included photoshoots and re-branding discussions, as well as winding up everything ready for the Christmas break. I was bridesmaid in Edinburgh for one of my best friends, and of course there were all the usual festivities, and copious amounts of socialising that go on during the Christmas period.

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BUT above all, I got engaged! I’ve squealed about it a fair amount, so if you follow me on social media this won’t have slipped your notice. 1 month on, it has now sunk in and I’ve finally got my head around the fact that the wedding planner is becoming the bride.

In a short space of time I’ve discovered that’s not going to be quite as easy as it sounds, and so I plan to document my wedding planning journey, will industry knowledge and experience help or hinder I wonder?! I will be writing regular pieces for the wonderful wedding blog Bridal Musings which aim to share tips and advice with my wedding planner hat on, but from my new bride-to-be eyes. I’ll also be sharing some more personal view points on here…my very own, very honest Bride Diary. Will stepping into the shoes of my brides make me a better wedding planner? We shall see!

In the meantime, I’m ready for a packed and productive 2019. Starting with a re-fresh. Weddings by Emily Charlotte is scheduled for a bit of a facelift for the end of the month…a new logo, a fresh colour palette perhaps and some new lifestyle images by the amazing Cecelina Tornberg. As I write this I’m about to have a call with my branding designer; I’m feeling excited to take my little work baby to the next level!

We’re currently planning 13 weddings for 2019 in both the UK and in Italy, and I’ve come back to a flurry of enquiries from the Christmas break, some of which are still for later this year, (despite me telling myself I will close my 2019 books several times!) so it’s shaping up to be our busiest year yet…not to mention my own wedding planning of course!

I am so ready to get started!

Wishing all of WBEC’s past, present and future couples, colleagues and suppliers a wonderful 2019. Happy Near Year every one!

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