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5 Things Every Bride Should Know Before They Start Planning

Wedding planning is a funny old time and often a complete roller-coaster of emotions; one of the most exciting times of your life, but sometimes one of the most daunting and stressful. Every bride I know reflects on their wedding planning experience (hopefully with an overall sense of enjoyment) and realises a few things which I think are worth sharing with every bride-to-be out there...

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Wedding Planning: The Pros and Cons of Pinterest

If you're a bride-to-be I would be pretty confident betting that, at the very least, you've already spent more time than you should have browsing the pages and pages of Pinterest images available.  If you're a Pinterest enthusiast then you probably have several wedding planning boards on the go already! 

As a wedding planner, my feelings on this platform are so very mixed. It can be both a really helpful tool, and the bane of my life, so this got me thinking about the pros and cons of Pinterest when planning a wedding....

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The Blog Is Back!

After a (slightly longer than intended) break the blog is back! I'll be honest, I never actually meant to have a break from blogging, let alone such a significant one. In a nutshell Weddings by Emily Charlotte got busier...more weddings needed planning, more venues needed researching, more clients needed meeting, and whilst I certainly can't complain, before I knew it 18 months has passed without a single post! 

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5 Ways To Avoid A Wedding Planning Meltdown

If you've been close to anyone planning a wedding before then you'll be aware of the moments of bridal hysteria that can occur; it is after all notorious for being one of the most exciting, yet stressful, times for any bride (or groom!) to be. So how can you avoid having a pre-marriage meltdown? Besides hiring a wedding planner of course...

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5 Things To Consider Before You Contact A Planner

Planning a wedding for some is completely, utterly exciting and enjoyable, for others it's horrifically daunting and for the vast majority it's somewhere in between....

With a to-do list of practicalities, time constraints and unknowns it can be hard to know where to start so here are the top 5 questions I always ask my potential clients, and therefore I recommend you at least consider before you contact any perspective wedding planner (it will only make things easier for you!)

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The Lesser Known Costs

Planning a wedding abroad can be even more daunting than planning a wedding at home, especially if language barriers are involved. If you're not careful you could be caught out, as there are several unknown/forgotten/hidden costs of a destination wedding in Italy (and most other destinations I'm sure!) which you will almost certainly not include within your initial budget tracker, here's 7 of the top offenders:

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