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5 Things To Consider Before You Contact A Planner

Planning a wedding for some is completely, utterly exciting and enjoyable, for others it's horrifically daunting and for the vast majority it's somewhere in between....

With a to-do list of practicalities, time constraints and unknowns it can be hard to know where to start so here are the top 5 questions I always ask my potential clients, and therefore I recommend you at least consider before you contact any perspective wedding planner (it will only make things easier for you!)

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The Lesser Known Costs

Planning a wedding abroad can be even more daunting than planning a wedding at home, especially if language barriers are involved. If you're not careful you could be caught out, as there are several unknown/forgotten/hidden costs of a destination wedding in Italy (and most other destinations I'm sure!) which you will almost certainly not include within your initial budget tracker, here's 7 of the top offenders:

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Prioritise or Perfection?

Lets be honest, we all want our wedding day to be 'perfect', and it's by no means unreasonable. You've probably been dreaming of it for years, and you're (hopefully) only intending on doing it once, so naturally you want it to be perfect, right? But does perfect really exist or to achieve our dream wedding should we learn to prioritise instead?

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As Christmas and New Year is the season filled with love it's no surprise that it brings with it a flurry of engagements, so if you're newly engaged and entering the bubble of all things weddings then congratulations!

If he's just popped the question and you're already thinking about table plans and buttonholes then you could probably benefit from my top five tips for the recently engaged...

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The Italian Dream

Many people dream of having a beautifully charming Italian wedding in the hills of Tuscany...and understandably so, with the enchanting villas filled with historic frescos centred in acres of countryside, who wouldn't want the Italian dream as their wedding day setting?

To help you create just that, there are a few things you should know when planning your destination wedding in Italy...

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Emily Stoner Comment
Say Cheese

For me, wedding photography is SO important...these are the images you're going to look back on for the rest of your life so you want to make sure your day is captured perfectly (please do not attempt to budget by relying on your guests to take images for you on disposable table cameras - criminal!) There are several photography styles, and whilst some photographers will do a range of looks, others have their distinct style so get a feel for what you like; the most common styles are reportage, traditional or contemporary. If you're not familiar with these, a simple Google search will help answer your initial questions. Regardless of your photography preference, I think there are a few key shots you want to capture:

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Wedding Fair Survival Guide

It's that time of year fair season! Exploring endless stands of wedding suppliers (you name it, it will be there) is on the agenda, at least once, for every bride-to-be. Wedding fairs are certainly an experience and having spent the last few weekends at 'Brides The Show', 'National Wedding Show, London' and preparing to exhibit at 'The Gay Wedding Show' in the next few weeks, (combined with previously working for a bridal shop), it's fair to say I've experienced my fair share of wedding fairs over the years; hence it only seemed fair (haha!) to pass on my top 10 Do's and Don'ts for ultimate wedding fair survival....

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Say A Few Words

Guest books have long since been a wedding tradition and understandably so, they're an opportunity to capture comments that will make you laugh, smile and even cry (for all the right reasons of course!) for years to come. The best way to ensure your guest book reaches as many people as possible is to make it a feature of your wedding, here's a few ideas on how to do just that...

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What To Do and When; You and Your Planner

So you're engaged (congratulations!) but you're not quite sure what to do and when to do it? Then there's the question of what your planner should be doing and what you need to do. The answer to these questions will very much depend on the timeframe between your engagement and your proposed wedding date, but as always I've tried to make things as simple as possible by listing a few of the key milestones...

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Portray Your Personalities

One of my strongest beliefs as a wedding planner is that every wedding should be individual; yes, some weddings may have similarities or follow the same theme, but it's the little touches that are meaningful, to you as a couple, that make your wedding day special to you and those closest to you. So, how do you portray your personalities both individually, and as a couple, on your wedding day? (Without being super slushy of course!)

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