Your Wedding Planner & Coordinator


1) Why do I need a wedding planner if my venue has a coordinator?

Most good venues will have an event co-ordinator. This is great to help with all things relating to the venue, and they are certainly a useful go-to person for us. It’s also likely that they can probably recommend some good suppliers should you need it.

However, a wedding planner helps bring together all aspects of your day, managing bookings and acting as the main point of contact for all of your suppliers throughout the process. As well as ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day with a carefully planned schedule of timings for everyone involved. By Comparison, an in-house event coordinator manages the wedding day itself, they're not responsible for managing the planning process and supplier bookings ahead of the wedding day.

A wedding planner can also assist with achieving your vision, from providing ideas, to decorating on the day.

A couple and a wedding planner are a team – working together from beginning to end an all aspects of the wedding, with the same cohesive goal in mind.

2) How do you plan my destination wedding in Italy when you're based in England?

Our couples come from all over the world, not just England. It’s great for us to meet in person where possible, but if needs be we can do everything using phone, email and Skype. The same concept applies when working with our suppliers and venues, but of course there’s more to it than that.

Having the right people around you is essential to successful planning. I personally visit venues, get to know my recommended suppliers and work closely with partner planners, who are based in Italy, so that together we can effectively work to plan and deliver your day, regardless of location.

3) Do you only work with certain venues and suppliers?

In a nutshell, the answer is no. If you’re interested in a venue that isn’t listed on our site, or have a preferred supplier in mind then that’s absolutely open to discussion. Remember this is YOUR day, and YOUR decisions.

However, the benefit of using our recommended venues and suppliers is that they’re tried and tested. We know that they’re reliable and recommend them with more confidence than those that we have not used before. 

We’re happy to work with new venues and vendors, (as long as you’re comfortable that we have no prior experience with them) unless of course we know of a reason why not to, in which case we would always let you know.

4) Where do you plan weddings?

For weddings in Italy, we focus primarily on Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast/Sorrento. However, due to an extensive network of contacts we can help with any other areas you may have in mind.

For weddings in England, we specialise in the South, including Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Dorset and Hampshire. However we're happy to travel further afield as required, as are many of our recommended suppliers.

5) I want to host a pre/post wedding event, can you assist?

Absolutely! The joy of a destination wedding is that your guests come to celebrate with you for more than one day, so a pre/post wedding event is something we always recommend; a relaxed pizza party, poolside BBQ or authentic wine tasting afternoon are just some of our suggestions.

Similarly, if you're planning a wedding at home and would like to arrange a pre or post wedding event then our services can be tailored to accommodate this. 

6) Will you be at my wedding?

Of course! After months of planning we want to be there on the day, not just to see the beauty of everything come together, but also to ensure you can relax, enjoy your day and rest assured that we are on hand to help everything run smoothly or efficiently deal with any unexpected hiccups should they arise.

Depending on the size and logistics of your wedding either myself and/or a partner planner will be present from set up until the point the last supplier is providing their service. After this point we will quietly slip away and leave you to dance 'til your heart's content!

7) Is there a minimum budget that you work with?

No. We plan all kinds of events; from intimate elopements with just the bride and groom, to large parties. What’s far more important than the budget we’re working with is how realistic it is for your requirements and preferences. As amazing as it would be, there is no wedding planning wand, so whilst we will always try to make things as cost effective as possible for you, there is a limit. If something isn’t feasible within your preferred price point then we will tell you and make alternative suggestions instead that may be more suitable.

8) How much do you charge?

When planning a wedding you want to understand what things cost – and as quickly as possible so you can set your budget and move forward. We don’t provide set packages, each wedding is different and every couple has their own requests and requirements, so the slightly frustrating answer is that it really depends on what services you would like.

However, to give you an idea of what to expect the minimum investment required for each service can be found on both our Italian and English wedding pages.