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Sorrento cloister


  • Venue Location: Sorrento

  • Nearest Airport(s): Naples - 50km

  • On-site Accommodation Capacity: N/A – ceremony venue only

  • Maximum Reception Size: N/A - ceremony venue only. Seating for 70.

  • Minimum Stay Requirement: N/A – ceremony venue only

  • Ceremony Options: Civil ceremony


The Sorrento Cloister is a beautiful open-air courtyard which dates back to the 14th Century. The medieval building is next to the church of San Francesco and is associated with the town hall, therefore it's possible to have a civil ceremony in outdoor space.

The Cloister is in the very heart of Sorrento so a variety of reception venues are just a short stroll away making this the ideal location for your civil ceremony on the Amalfi Coast.

The surrounding arches make for fabulous photography spots - but be aware they also make a good viewing point for passers by.Unfortunately it's not possible to completely close the Cloisters from the public, so you may have a few onlookers watching the beauty of your ceremony, but rest assured our staff are on-hand to make sure everything is kept peaceful.

Please note, from 2019 slight changes have been made to the trees/greenery within the cloister. The large central tree has recently been removed so the the cloisters may differ slightly from images pre-2019.